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Abstract Animated Backgrounds

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  1. Fireworks Animated Background
    Price: $19 - $83
  2. Spinning Glass Rings Animation
    Price: $61 - $149
  3. Animated Stars
    Price: $13 - $76
  1. Animated Snow Background
    Price: $30 - $120
  2. Radar Animated Background
    Price: $18 - $81
  3. Star Animated Background
    Price: $20 - $83
  1. PCBs Animated Background
    Price: $19 - $84
  2. Moving Atoms Animated Background
    Price: $19 - $83
  3. Crystal Lattice Animated Background
    Price: $19 - $83
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What fills your field of vision though you're not really looking at it? An Abstract Animated Background. If you guessed adding an Abstract Animated Background to almost any type of presentation you have need for, you're right on target! Our High-Quality High-Definition Animated Backgrounds are perfect for use in limitless applications, newscasts, podcasts, webcasts, shows, presentations, Public Access TV broadcasts… there are as many uses as there are people with a vision of the ingenious way they have discovered to make use of an Abstract Animated Background clip. It would go to follow that if a static or stationary Background can make a subconscious impression, an Animated Background can make an even deeper subconscious impression.

Of Course all of our stock Animated Backgrounds are Royalty-free so you'll be enjoying substantial savings over having a custom Animated Background prepared; and we're constantly adding to our stock Abstract Animated Background collection so you're sure to find just the right Animated Background for all of your projects. If you don't see an Abstract Animated Background that works for you, please feel free to contact us at we're open to suggestion for additions to our Animated Background catalog or any of our Stock Image, Virtual Set or animation collections.

All of the images and backgrounds here at are available in a variety of sizes and various resolutions to suit myriad conditions. Remember that the uses for an Animated Background are limited only by your imagination. is the virtual art gallery for all your empty electronic-space needs. Order your Abstract Animated Background and download your hd clips right now, instantly, with just a few simple clicks of your mouse!


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