Asteroid Impacts Earth Image

Royalty free high resolution Image of an asteroid impacting Earth.
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Asteroid Impacts Earth. Seventy-five million years ago, a massive asteroid impact near the Yucatan Peninsula spelled doom for the dinosaurs. Could the same thing happen to the human race?

Imagine the terror that grips the world, the panic in the streets when scientists announce that deep in the depths of space, a giant asteroid is hurtling toward us on a collision course with the planet Earth.

The impending asteroid hit will mean the end of the world as we know it. Civilization will be destroyed, cities leveled. Massive tsunamis and forest fires will ravage the planet. The Earth will be blanketed in a deep shroud of dust and rubble, the atmosphere choked by poisonous gases and an impenetrable cloud of smoke and debris.

Flaming fragments from the impact site will bombard the planet’s surface like huge bombs. Maybe a few lucky people hiding in caves will survive the asteroid impact.

Scientists tell us that it’s not a matter of if we’ll see an asteroid hitting Earth – it’s a matter of when!

Think of the ways you can use our asteroid impact picture! Evoke the direst predictions of the future! Make people aware! The futuristic image evokes a possible future for our planet in a premium quality, high resolution graphic.

Our Asteroid impact picture is available in a variety of dimensions as well as multiple resolutions. Let your imagination be your guide in how you use this high resolution asteroid impact picture.

Why spend the money and time to develop a custom image? Royalty free use of this low cost asteroid impact picture will be easy on your wallet and on your busy schedule. It’s the most imaginative asteroid impact image you’ll find.

Why wait? Get it now. It’s easy. Just a few simple clicks of your mouse and you’re ready to go. Download is immediate. All major credit cards are accepted.

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