Get your own studio with the virtual sets

You can broadcast your program from anywhere, without spending money on building real interiors. You do not need any special equipment. Because the audiences are spoiled with all sorts of effects these days, our virtual backgrounds give that degree of professionalism and attractiveness that will make you a breakthrough in popularity. Most importantly, our footage and virtual sets are affordable and don't take a lot of time to set up. All you need to use the editor and the camera that you already have and just download our trial version of the background to understand what opportunities they will give you and your transfer.[...]

Video marketing: how green screen backgrounds would assist you to promote your product?

How you ever found yourself amazed at the background of a movie? Most of the viewers have experienced the same thing. This might be a reason why, the directors and producers are so concerned about choosing the right place to shoot. But Hollywood producers are no longer forced to build large, expensive sets. Instead, they can build top-quality green screen backgrounds a.k.a. virtual sets with the computers, saving millions of dollars in production costs.[...]

Scientific Visualization

Scientific Visualization

We love creating scientific visualizations, artistic backgrounds and visions of the future.

Our company E-spaces won multiple awards for creation of 3D animations and special effects for multiple documentaries. In our store we present animations for which we own the license. There are a lot more animations we created which are exclusive and we can not license them without the agreement with our original customer. The selection we are offering in our store could give you a very good idea of the quality of the animations we can produce.


Virtual studios and decorations are available to all

Virtual studios and decorations are available to all

Our company was one of the first who started to produce affordable virtual sets and studios to enable our customer to create high-quality programs with a very modest budget. To our surprise, large companies, TV shows and even TV channels with national coverage began to actively use our products. Often for large channels we do an exclusive design, but in most cases you can buy the same studio that was used on TV shows, news and weather forecasts. For example, our backgrounds were used by HBO in the series Arrested Development, Disney in the series "Frenemies" and many others. We created news sets for Fox News and ABC, as well as for dozens of other channels around the world. [...]

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