Greenland Ice Cap Melting Global Warming

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Greenland Ice Cap Melting Global Warming

Large Image: Greenland Ice Cap Melting Global Warming

Product Information

Greenland’s thick mantle of ice recedes.
Number of frames: 300
Length: 10 sec
Compression: PhotoJPEG
File format: .MOV
Seamless Looping: Yes
Source: Computer Generated
Includes Sound: No
Matte Provided: No
Field Rendering: Progressive
License type: Royalty-free for commercial use


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Detailed Description

Greenland Ice Cap Melting . Some people say that global warming isn’t real. They see more politics than science in the dire predictions about rising temperatures on our planet. But they haven’t seen our animation of the Greenland Ice Cap Melting. As Greenland’s thick mantle of ice recedes, the environment is destroyed. All that remains of the Greenland ecosystem is a rocky archipelago. What was the fate of the animals and humans who once lived on the ice cap? And what will be the fate of the entire planet if the trend is left unchecked? How will we cope as our coastal cities are inundated by rising tides as Earth’s great ice sheets melt?

You can use our image of the Greenland ice cap melting to raise awareness, to heighten activism. Why spend money and time developing a custom animation? Royalty free use of our low cost Greenland Ice Cap Melting Animation will be easy on your wallet and on your busy schedule. It’s the most vivid animation depicting global warming that you’ll find. And don’t forget, all our animations are available in a variety of sizes and resolutions to meet your needs.

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