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Download your free watermarked virtual set today to test with your video editing software.

Test our watermarked, final quality green screen background with your software.

It’s easy to test your virtual studio set with your software. Simply click on the image below for a free download of the watermarked test file.

free Download Watermarked Test
Watermark free version of this set you can purchase at US Colors Virtual News Set -- Camera 6 

virtual news studio background preview
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Free Video Tutorials

Click on button below to find out how to use virtual sets with Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

How to use a virtual desk?

We are often asked, How do I use the virtual desk with green screen backgrounds? It just takes a few simple steps.

How to work with blue screen desk

Cover your actual desk with green (or blue) cloth, as in the illustration. This way your talent can put their hands (or other objects, such as notebooks or coffee cups) on the desk surface.

To test your virtual desk with your software, click on the image below for a free download of the watermarked test files.

free Download Watermarked Test
Virtual News Background -- Camera 6 

free test download virtual news studio background with desk

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Three key differences between hardware and software based virtual studio systems for chromakey shoots.

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