About us

CG4TV is shortcut for Computer Graphics for TeleVision. Making your productions and you "look like a million bucks"... at a tiny fraction of that... is what we are all about.

More than that. As you, our customers, typically want our products delivered yesterday, they are all available for immediate download 24/7. As our tag line highlights it: Eye Candy To Go!

CG4TV.com is a brand created, owned and developed by the industry-award winning company E-spaces. Incorporated in 1996, E-spaces was one of the world's very first practitioners of interactive 3D graphics, a.k.a. as 'virtual reality'. 3D graphics in practically all its forms are at the heart of all we do. We are seasoned world-class specialists in everything to do with 3D.

As a 3D graphics design studio, we produce photorealistic and even 'videorealistic' virtual sets, online interactive 3D educational simulators, 3D graphics still images, online 3D virtual worlds, 3D animated commercials (some of which airing nationwide in the USA), science and technology visualizations for theatrical-release as well as TV documentaries etc. etc.

Our clients include global blue chips such as Intel, HP, Gillette, British Petroleum (BP) and Adobe; TV channels like HBO, NBC, Discovery Channel and Fox News; movie studios like 20 Century Fox; top circulation magazines like People Magazine, Bild and HÖRZU; as well as many other household name organizations and companies including NASA, PBS, Ericsson (Business Systems), the European Commission, Mitsubishi etc. etc.

We are constantly looking for new ways to serve our customers even better. Any suggestions and recommendations you may have will be most welcome.

Thank you for taking some time to become more informed about our company.

Philippe Van Nedervelde
Founder & CEO E-SPACES / CG4TV.com

CG4TV is a brand owned by E-spaces
All CG4TV products are E-spaces' copyright ©1996-2017.