American Flag Background

Royalty Free 3D Animated American Flag Background.

Most recognized symbol for the USA and American spirit, also affectionately known as 'The Stars & Stripes' or 'Old Glory'.

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Number of frames: 300
Length: 10 sec
Compression: PhotoJPEG
File format: .MOV
Seamless Looping: Yes
Source: Computer Generated
Includes Sound: No
Matte Provided: No
Field Rendering: Progressive
License type: Royalty-free for commercial use

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American flag background is a 3D animated motion loop in high definition HD 1080p, 720p as well as standard resolution for Powerpoint.

She's a grand old flag, she's a high-flying flag and forever in peace may she wave… Most recognized symbol for the USA and American spirit, also affectionately known as 'The Stars & Stripes' or 'Old Glory'.

So, how many stars are on the US flag?

There are 50 stars on the American flag background. They represent the 50 states of the United States.

There are also 13 stripes for the thirteen British colonies that declared independence from Great Britain and became the first states in the Union.

This carefully design classic seamless loop has great attention to details. American Flag 3D Animated Background using 300 frames in order to achieve the smooth undulating ripple effect of the constantly flowing wind ruffling the American Flag's surface.

The quality of such hd backgrounds 1080p, including this american flag background is good as it can be for broadcast television. TV channels like CNN could easily use it for their political and holiday related shows.

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The American flag animated looping 3D background is particularly useful during American holidays such as Memorial Day, Flag Day and of course the 4th of July - American Independence Day.

This American flag background will also serve well when covering major US governmental elections where the American Flag is always flown; and it makes a great presentation in conjunction with any of the United States activities at home or overseas where the American flag background also always appears.

This American Flag animated background is available in both High (1920x1080 30fps) and Standard (NTSC 720x486) Definitions.

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