Hill Wind Farm Animation

Giant windmills rim the hillside, standing erect under a blue dome of sky.
Number of frames: 270
Length: 9 sec
Compression: PhotoJPEG
File format: .MOV
Seamless Looping: No
Source: Computer Generated
Includes Sound: No
Matte Provided: No
Field Rendering: Progressive
License type: Royalty-free for commercial use
SKU: hill-wind-farm-animation
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Hill Wind Farm Animation. Wind farms like these can be our first line of defense against global warming. Clusters of giant mills can produce enormous amounts of wind energy – green energy – that’s good for the planet. Our 3D Hill Wind Farm Animation shows dozens of giant windmills standing like sentinels atop a breezy hill. Our planet’s winds never stop. They whip the ocean currents. They propel masses of clouds through the sky. They scour and sculpt the land.

What better way to help our planet than harness this enormous source of energy? Mankind has used wind power for centuries. How fitting it is that an ancient technology has been reinvented to help save the earth. Even a single mill could power a small city. Think what we can do with thousands upon thousands!

Notice how the giant mills rim the hillside, standing erect under a blue dome of sky. You can use our striking Hill Wind Farm Animation in innumerable of ways. Provide a hopeful prediction for environmentally-friendly energy! Make people aware of this potential source of green, ever-renewable energy! Our realistic animation portrays a source of cheap, clean power for our planet in a high definition 3D animation.

Why spend money and time developing a custom animation? Royalty free use of this low cost Hill Wind Farm Animation will be easy on your wallet and on your busy schedule. It’s the most exciting Hill Wind Farm Animation you’ll find. And don’t forget, all our animations are available in a variety of sizes and resolutions to meet your needs.

Why wait? Get our Hill Wind Farm Animation now. It’s easy. Just a few simple clicks of your mouse and you’re ready to go. Download of your Hill Wind Farm Animation will be immediate. All major credit cards are accepted.

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