Virtual set and green screen tutorial for Final Cut Pro, using Apple Motion.

Transcript Part 1

Welcome to the Virtual Set basic compositing tutorial.

Put the source chromakey layer to the composition.

Enable CROP for selected layer and crop the area which will not be used in chromakeying.

Add a PRIMATTE RT filter to your chromakey layer.

Set SPILL SUPPRESSION value to minimum to remove a warmish tones of the chromakey layer.

Enable TRANSPARENT background view to see chromakeying result.

Set MATTE DENSITY to desired value to remove body transparentcy.

By clicking on the AUTO SAMPLE buttons (Green or Blue) you can choose the color of your chromakey background.

Add a MATTE MAGIC filter to your chromakey layer.

Adjust the MATTE MAGIC to clean up the edges of the chromakeying video.

Put the main virtual set layer to the composition.

Collapse the layers groups on the timeline.

Swap the layers order, so that the chromakey layer will move to the top over the main layer.

Do a scale and position the main layer to fit it properly in the composition.

Move the chromakey layer to the correct position in the scene.

Put video for the monitor in the composition.

Move the layer to the bottom of the composition.

Place the layer to the correct position in the scene.

Switch ON, FOUR CORNER settings and adjust it so that the layer will fit the monitor.

Hold down OPTION and SHIFT keys together and point cursor over the end edge of the clip.

With an OPTION and SHIFT keys drag and move the mouse to extend the clip lenght. The clip will now have looping playback in the scene.

You can see that the clip of the flag in the monitor is playing continuosly in the composition.

Duplicate the flag layer for the second monitor.

Move the duplicated layer to the second monitor.

Enable FOUR CORNER to fit flag video to the monitor`s perspective.

Slide the flag layer slightly along the timeline. To have some random motion in the monitors.

Select all groups in the composition.

Make a new group from the selected groups.

Now you can move and scale the group like you control virtual camera.

Switch to KEYFRAME EDITOR tab.

By adding keyframes you can animate position and scaling of virtual set.

Thank you for watching.