Neurons - Nerve Cells Image

Royalty Free high resolution Image showing Neurons - Nerve Cells, clearly showing cellular structure and complex intertwining of nerve fibers.
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Neurons - Nerve Cells. Color. High Resolution Image. Our full-color image of neurons clearly shows the cellular structure and the complex intertwining of nerve fibers. Multiple nerve cells are shown in an intricate matrix of extending axons in this excellent example of premium quality, high resolution color graphics.

The neurons is the conducting element of the nervous system. These highly specialized nerve cells function as sending and receiving units that transfer information from one part of the body to another. Each nerve cell consists of a central cell body, or soma, which contains the cell nucleus, and one or more extensions, known as dendrites and axons. Dendrites are relatively short, branching extensions of the cell body that convey electrical signals to the soma.

Axons, by contrast, are usually single, long extensions that transmit nerve impulses from the some to other cells. Axons are also called nerve fibers and can be up to one meter in length.

Most axons are covered with myelin, a sheath composed of fats and protein, which insulates and protects the axon. Axons covered with myelin conduct neural signals faster than those that are not.

Imagine the ways you can use our full-color image of this fascinating network of neurons! Educate students about components of neurons and about how the entire nervous system functions. Illustrate scientific topics. Inspire imagination. Our highly detailed 3D image is an excellent example of premium quality, high resolution color graphics.

Our full-color Neuron picture is available in a variety of dimensions as well as multiple resolutions. It can be used in many applications. Let your imagination be your guide in how you use our high resolution image of neurons.

Why spend money and time developing a custom color image of neurons? Royalty free use of our low cost neurons image will be easy on your wallet and on your busy schedule. You won’t find a more compelling full-color image of neurons anywhere. Why wait? Get it now. It’s easy. Just a few simple clicks of your mouse and you’re ready to go. Download is immediate. All major credit cards are accepted.

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