Picture of Animal - Human Cell

Generic human / animal cell picture. The 3D model shows an artist's impression of the anatomy of an animal or human cell. The image includes the cell structure, organelles and wispy strands of DNA.
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Visualization of a generic Human - Animal Cell. As every biology student knows, the cell is the building block of life. This striking artist’s depiction of a generic human-animal cell is incredible in its detail.

This microscopic view clearly shows the cell structure, including the cell membrane, or outer sheath; the cell nucleus, which carries the cell’s genetic information and directs most cell activities including growth, metabolism, and reproduction; and the nucleolus, a small round body inside the cell nucleus that is associated with the formation of ribosomes and ribosomal RNA.

The Human-animal cell image also clearly shows multiple organelles - specialized parts of the cell with their own unique functionality. These include the nucleus, the central body of the cell that contains chromosomes and other genetic information necessary to control cell growth and reproduction; mitochondria, small bodies found in the cytoplasm that produce enzymes for the metabolic conversion of food to energy; ribosomes, important in the manufacture of proteins; and lysosomes, membrane-bound cavities that contain enzymes responsible for degrading and recycling molecules.

Also clearly shown are wispy strands of DNA, the genetic code that defines the characteristics of all living things.

Do you need a picture of cell? Put our human-animal cell picture to work for you. Think of all the ways that you can use it to foster science information and education! It’s a great illustration of a human cell model.

This human-animal cell image provides meticulous detail and is a wonderful example of premium quality scientific graphics. The high resolution stock image of a 3D cell is perfect for use in all kinds of science communications. Our human-animal cell picture clearly depicts the building block of all animal life, from the lowest organism to human beings.

Our 3D cell image is available in a variety of dimensions as well as in multiple resolutions. It can be used for countless purposes and in many applications. Let your imagination be your guide in how you use this human-animal cell picture.

Why spend the money and time to develop a custom image? Royalty free use of this low cost human-animal cell picture will be easy on your wallet and on your busy schedule.

You won’t find a more striking human-animal cell picture anywhere. Why wait? Get it now. It’s easy. Just a few simple clicks of your mouse and you’re ready to go. Download is immediate.

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