Scientific Visualization

We love creating scientific visualizations, artistic backgrounds and visions of the future.

Our company E-spaces won multiple awards for creation of 3D animations and special effects for multiple documentaries. In our store we present animations for which we own the license. There are a lot more animations we created which are exclusive and we can not license them without the agreement with our original customer. The selection we are offering in our store could give you a very good idea of the quality of the animations we can produce.

Scientific Visualization
Human Animal Cell visualization. 3D model by E-spaces /

For low budget projects we provide package dials with very affordable pricing per second of animation. We also make intro, titles and credits in all type of styles from photo realism to cartoon.

Our work for print media was featured in large magazines around the world. PC World, Hertzu and People magazines just a few of them. We can produce ultra high resolution artwork for the billboards and for posters, booklets and post cards.

We admire bold visions and always ready to help visualizing them. We made many animations for the scientists. Nowadays we are also making 3d printable models for prototyping. Such models are perfect for education and training.