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Dazzle Your Audience with Low Cost, Broadcast-Quality Chromakey

Chromakey, green screen studio There’s a chromakey revolution underway in videography. No longer the domain of plaid-coated 1970’s TV weather forecasters, chromakey technology now fuels major motion pictures like the recent Star Wars trilogy, 300, Sky Captain and Sin City. Hollywood producers are no longer forced to build large, expensive sets. Instead, they can build top-quality virtual sets on computers, saving millions of dollars in production costs.

But that’s only part of the story. The revolution has spread far beyond the major motion picture studios. Today, using revolutionary virtual sets and other innovations like elastic backgrounds, anyone with a fast computer, decent video camera and an inexpensive, portable green screen can produce professional-level results. What’s more, they can do it on a shoestring budget. As a result, sophisticated chromakey solutions are showing up all over the place – in corporations, schools, low budget TV productions and a host of other applications.

CG4TV, had led this charge with their dazzling array of downloadable virtual sets and chromakey backgrounds. These sets range from news, weather and sports to lecture halls, churches, entertainment venues, talk shows and libraries. CG4TV sets offer amazing versatility with multiple camera angles and multi-layering from each angle. For example, news sets may be used with our without anchor desks from various viewing angles. Alpha channels enable insertion of the customer’s own footage for yet more flexibility. If the desired chromakey background is not available, CG4TV can customize one to meet customer needs.

Chromakey for NEWS studio with Desk

Try Before You Buy

Tutorials and Free Test Downloads. As a unique service to customers, CG4TV makes it easy to “try before you buy.”

Step-by-step chromakey video tutorials explain how to get the most from our virtual sets using Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro.
Free chromakey test files: full body virtual set and virtual set with desk are available for download.
Users are amazed by how easy the chromakey backgrounds are to use as well as by their high production quality. Even relative novices can produce professional, broadcast-quality videos. Questions not covered in the tutorials can be found on the FAQ page or by contacting CG4TV at

Their newsletter provides alerts about promotions and test downloads.

Customer Stories

testimonials for virtual sets Eyewitness Everett. The format of our program is a news 'magazine style', comparable to 60 Minutes or other in depth, hard hitting news programs. The title is Eyewitness Everett. In the project development we used: Apple Final Cut Studio 2, Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Ultimatte AdvantEdge.

The biggest part of initiating a television program is finding the right aesthetic that fits the brand. Several days were spent doing 'virtual set research', looking at different software and design companies. It was quite clear which company had the best sets. offered high resolution images that were vibrant and crisp to fit the professional, polished image we were looking for. The downloadable files with alpha channels allowed our graphic designer to add elements, depth and realism. Due to budget constraints, our only option was to do all keying in post production. This would allow us to tweak our graphics and fit them into the virtual sets.

Matching camera angles proved to be a challenge; we were looking to do more than just a flat straight angle. It took a good deal of time to set up lighting and get the cameras to match the sets, but once this was accomplished, the results were very impressive. Shadows, zooms, and pans were layered in Apple Motion. This added to our post production time, but increased the realism to another level. The virtual set has really added to the production value and feel of the program.

Sincerely, Stephen M. Kessinger, Broadcast Media Producer, Eyewitness Everett

testimonials for virtual sets This Week in Space. We needed an instant low-cost solution to make our brand new This Week In Space show look like national television, even if it is actually being produced on a laptop.'s store had the perfect chromakey background and an animated background for us. We now use it in every show for everything from titles to commercials.

In addition to this, virtual sets were a great solution for our internationally renowned television anchor Miles O'Brien. Due to his busy globetrotting schedule he cannot be at a real physical set at all. Now he simply carries an easy portable green screen with him, shoots his segments on the road, and we put him on the same set for consistency no matter where in the world he is that week.

Our minimal investment in CG4TV chromakey backgrounds and virtual sets paid off in leaps and bounds. Our show had a meteoric rise to the top place in iTunes, caused Google/YouTube to ask us to partner with them, and attracted multiple established media outlets to embed in our show.

David Waters, Producer and Correspondent, This Week In Space

Some Chromakey FAQ’s

CG4TV: High Quality 3-D Graphics on a Modest Budget

Among CG4TV’s clients are:
- Discovery Channel
- 20th Century FOX
- FOX News
- Mitsubishi
- Intel
- British Petroleum
- Gillette
- European Commission

CG4TV virtual sets are compatible with virtually all professional chromakeying and video editing solutions including Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects.
What color is best for chromakey: blue or green?
It really doesn’t matter. Just be sure to choose a color that is not prominent on your subject. For example, if your subject is wearing blue, then choose a green backdrop, and vice versa. Many chromakey software packages allow you to use a screen of almost any color.

What’s the best chromakey background – fabric, paper or paint?
There are advantages to each. Fabric is washable, easy to transport and generally easiest to shoot. Highly transportable fold-up cloth units are available. Paper is initially cheaper, although replacement of torn or dirty sections will drive up cost. Also, it is bulky and hard to transport. Paper works best in the studio, rather than on location. Paint works well if you have a studio with an area that you can designate for chromakey. You can set a constant size in your chromakey, and a dirty spot on the wall can quickly be repaired with a can of paint.

What happens if my chromakey background gets dirty?
If using cloth, clean it. Remove the soiled portion if using seamless paper. If you’ve got a painted background, get out the paintbrush! You can’t effectively compensate for dirt or stains in the background. Beware of wrinkles, too!

What is color spill?
Color spill occurs when sections of the foreground subject absorb or reflect color from the background screen. It shows up as a colored tinge around the foreground image and must be corrected after the shooting process. Color spill is particularly noticeable with semi-transparent areas such as blonde hair. It is also hardest to remove from these areas.

What about lighting?
Keep the lighting flat and even on the surface. You can do this by using two lights at 45 degree angles. Place them three to four feet in front of the screen. Use a light meter to ensure that the lighting is even. Be careful not to over-illuminate. How far away from the screen should I place my subject? Make sure that your subject is sufficiently far away (four to six feet, or even further) from the screen to prevent shadows and light spillover. Sufficient space also assures that you won’t be plagued with the green or blue halos of color spill.

Who Is CG4TV?

CG4TV is a division of E-spaces, an industry award-winning company founded in 1996 and one of the world’s first professional producers of interactive 3D graphics, or “virtual reality.” As a design studio, E-spaces produces photorealistic virtual sets, 3D graphical still images, online 3D virtual worlds, 3D animated commercials, 3D visualizations for science and technology and other innovative products. In addition to virtual sets, CG4TV offers 3D animations, animated backgrounds, 3D images and stock photos. All are royalty-free.

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